Social Media Marketing

With hundreds of networking sites and billions of users, social media presents a unique opportunity to reach specific communities of people with your brand. Doxa Digital takes advantage of this platform by optimizing online profiles and launching guided campaigns.

We optimize your social media profiles

With Google’s ability to see your brand across various Internet platforms, it’s important to send them the correct signals from each of your profile pages.

We optimize information such as descriptions, services, business details, and photos, making sure to include all of the necessary keywords and content.

We do this on sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter, just to name a few. We also have tools that optimize this content over hundreds of networking site platforms.

We target certain communities of people with social media campaigns

Sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter bring like-minded people together in the form of communities and groups.

With this knowledge, we dial in on certain clusters of people based on a company’s industry, brand, and target audience, providing a powerful opportunity to reach an entire segment of people with an individual targeted campaign.

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