Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay-per-click can be a great weapon in the arsenal of online marketing tools because of its ability to deliver laser-guided campaigns targeting specific groups of people. Doxa uses PPC alongside SEO campaigns and stand-alone depending on each campaign’s objectives

We utilize PPC for marketing campaigns that have just launched

Pay-per-click is extremely useful for generating traffic to websites that currently aren’t ranking highly on the search engines.

With time, as an SEO campaign builds momentum and draws more prospects to the website, PPC may be tapered off.

We use PPC to target specific audiences

PPC allows a business to pursue select demographics, locations, or what are called ‘affinity groups.’ With this kind of precise marketing, pay-per-click has the powerful ability to turn casual web browsers into immediate customers.

Pay-Per-Click Remarketing

Another great function of PPC is the ability to target users who have previously landed on your site. With remarketing, we draw back in those who have viewed pages on your site in the past, converting them into customers.

PPC for Online Dominance

Some businesses already have a strong web presence in places like organic search, maps, and social media.

We use pay-per-click to ratchet up their presence all over the web, giving them even greater prominence across a variety of Internet properties.

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